Why Attend

The legal industry is one of the few remaining outposts of the corporate world whose operations are dictated mainly by human experience and individual knowledge. We want to help you improve upon your own experience, and maximize your personal capital.

Firmhacker is a results-oriented, transformative educational experience that will leave the attendee feeling uplifted and empowered.

There are few more rewarding professional achievements than operating your own business. The flexibility self-employment provides can revolutionize one’s life in the most positive ways – more control over your caseload; the opportunity for more time with children and family; more vacation on any schedule you desire. Lawyers should all be considered lifestyle entrepreneurs because their commodity is their individual mind and time. Their product is ever plentiful and can be provided to the consumer wherever they so choose. 

The problem begins when the demands of the office begin to trump the lawyer’s ability to live their life as they desire. The lawyer’s life is being built around the needs of the business as opposed to the business being built around the needs of the lawyer.

Chris Smith and Ben Randolph recognized this problem. They are normal business owners striving to create margin in their work and life – Chris in law, Ben in marketing. Issues relating to business processes, billing collections and profitability, and mastery of craft, have been at the forefront of their minds. Over many years as business partners and strategic advisors to each other, they created Firmhacker to help others avoid many of the mistakes they have made 

Recognizing the need for a safe place to be vulnerable in learning how to be a better business owner and attorney, Chris and Ben devised the idea to create a space where the need for education, knowledge and inspiration collide to improve the lives of attorneys across the globe. 

Firmhacker will enable attorneys to grow their business acumen, stay up to date on relevant cutting edge technology and processes, collaborate with others and find inspiration to live a better life in the law. 

The time for a legal lifestyle revolution has begun. Join In.