2 Day Legal Business Camps

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This event is an annual 2 day business camp created specifically for attorneys who are focused on building a better practice around their lifestyle as a lawyer. You will be empowered, enthused and excited by the legal minds who will give you advice and inspiration.

This business camp will give you, the attorney who wants to change their life, a safe and vulnerable space to learn, educate others, experience practical application, network and socialize. After all, we are all here for the same reason – to push the profession forward.

1 Day Legal Business Mini-Camp

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The Firmhacker Business Mini-Camp is a traditional one-day academic seminar that is a transformative educational experience and will improve your quality of legal life. There are few more rewarding professional achievements than operating  your own business. The flexibility self-employment provides can revolutionize one’s life in the most positive ways. So how does one build a law practice in such a way that they can live their life in a manner that reflects their desired goals and personal ambitions? The Firmhacker Business Mini Camp explores these questions and more. The time for a legal lifestyle revolution has begun.




Legal Boot Camp

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The Firmhacker Legal Bootcamp is a single day (4-6 hour) intensive training seminar specific to a particular vertical within the law. This could be family law, criminal law, business law or estate planning. Legal Bootcamp is designed to leave you feeling inspired, refreshed and prepared to use your new knowledge to build your legal lifestyle.