Is Being A Lawyer Worth It?

Is Being A Lawyer Worth It?

Is Being A Lawyer Worth It?

Whether becoming a lawyer was a dream since infancy, a “safe” career choice or an expectation, it is most likely there has been a time when law school graduates, law students and law potentials ask “Is Being A Lawyer Worth It?”. We discuss advantages and disadvantages of some vital points below:

1. Don’t Forget Those Debts

Law school comes with a huge amount of student debt. It takes around 7-8 years to graduate as a lawyer, and the average debt taken on by a law school graduate is around $84,000 ($122,158 if you attend private school). Note, this does NOT include undergraduate education that is a pre-requisite for law school. WOAH.

2. Personal Life

Most lawyers will tell you that they build their life around work and billable hours. If you are the type of person that wants a 9-5 and doesn’t like to work extra hours, you will need to think carefully about entering the legal industry. Is being a lawyer worth it, in this instance?

3. Started From The Bottom

You will most definitely start from the bottom and this means ‘grunt work’ (we are talking long nights and weekends). At the start of your career, you won’t be earning the big bucks that made you want to choose this career. However, what employee does not start from the bottom? You have to work your way up to the top, just like any other industry. Be prepared to put in the hard yards.

4. Bearer of Secrets

If holding onto secrets makes you want to burst from the inside out, being a lawyer is probably not worth it. You will hear the deepest, darkest secrets from your clients which you are legally not allowed to disclose to ANYONE. If you are a great keeper of secrets, you will have no problem with this.

Our greatest piece of advice is to remember that every career, every job, every college degree will always come with advantages and disadvantages. Is being a lawyer worth it? You are the only one that can decide.

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