11 Ways To Improve Your Home Office


11 Ways To Improve Your Home Office

In 2015, around 45% of Americans work from home, proving true that technology has changed the normal 9-5 work hours. We can work from basically anywhere at anytime. Working from home sounds ideal but if you are anything like the rest of the world, your home work space probably has room for improvement. Here are 11 Ways To Improve Your Home Office:

1. Buy Yourself A Throne

You will be spending most of your time sitting behind your desk and you NEED a supportive, comfortable chair that you can call a throne.

2. Color Schemes 

Colors provoke different moods and can have a profound affect on people. Did you know that McDonalds uses red in their restaurants and in their logo because red causes us to feel hungry? Yeah, we feel betrayed. Use colors like light blues and whites in your home office.

3. Organization

Don’t let your space become full of paper piles so high you don’t know where to start. Ever heard of the saying cluttered room cluttered mind? Mess and clutter affects your brains productivity in a negative way.

4. Avoid Distraction

Remove nintendo’s, TV’s, mini fridges – anything that causes distraction belongs outside your home office. If you need a break, step outside the office and play the Nintendo for 15 minutes or make yourself a sandwich.

5. Sun

Sunlight is a natural mood enhancer and increases our positivity. Windows, windows, windows people!

6. Plants

A little greenery never hurt anybody, plus they are visually appealing to look at. Did you know they even improve our sleep? YEP – they are wonders.

7. Music

Classical, pop, rock – Find what music makes you tick and have it playing in your space.

8. Inspiration

Whether you are inspired by your family, mood boards, or art, ensure inspiration is all around. Inspirations drives happiness and having a home office as a happy place is essential.

9. Office Supplies

Have supplies stocked up and available. Driving to the store to buy more printer paper will interrupt your day and cause distraction.

10. Get Dressed

Spending a day in your pajamas sounds fun but it will breed laziness, trust us! Have breakfast, get dressed, brush your teeth and get to work.

11. K.I.S.S

Keep It Simple Stupid! Simple is KEY!

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