Law Firm Marketing


Law Firm Marketing

More often than not, the two words ‘lawyer’ and ‘marketing’ do not mix nor are they heard in the same sentence. At the same time, however, lawyers at small practices tend to wear many hats and are often stuck with finding marketing solutions for their legal practice. We all know lawyers are great at being lawyers, but when it comes to law firm marketing? Perhaps you need a little bit of help.

Law firm marketing has many benefits and is sometimes swept under the rug in professional environments that are lacking a marketing department. As a lawyer, you probably have not heard of law firm SEO; your secret weapon to great legal marketing and an essential part to your law firm marketing plan. Have you ever wondered how to get clients as a lawyer? How do you grow your practice? And the golden question; how does your law firm achieve the first result in search engines? SEO is your answer and is an efficient way to help grow a law firm.  So what exactly is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and will unlock your marketing world.

Let’s look at the benefits of SEO for law firms. We have only scratched the surface here and included our top 3 SEO benefits:

  1. Boost search engine rankings

Remember that law firm who always comes out on top in Google search results? How do they do it? Why do they always cross the finish line first and leave your law firm trailing behind? SEO has a huge impact on results such as these. It’s a no brainer as to why you would want your law firm at the forefront of results.

  1. Increase web traffic

The more consumers see your law firm in their search engine results, the more clicks you will receive to your website. Think about it. If you searched ‘Law firms in the Dallas area’, aren’t you more likely to click the top couple of results rather than sift through pages and pages? We thought so. Getting potential consumers to your website is huge – they are then unlocked to your valuable content which could in turn ….

  1. Generate more profit!

Generating more profit can never be a bad thing and SEO assists you achieving this goal. Your law firm is in the top search results which in turn generates more web traffic which then increases chances of a consumer conversion (a consumer deciding to use your services).

If you are ready learn the ‘how’, if you are ready to enhance your law firm marketing skills, if you are ready to develop your law firm internet marketing, and if you are ready to begin growing your practice efficiently then attend Firmhacker. Our marketing guru Ben Randolph, principal of award winning marketing agency ‘Agency Entourage’, will dive deeper into SEO and how to use it (as a lawyer). Think of it as marketing for lawyers made simple.

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