How To Start A Law Firm


How To Start A Law Firm

As a lawyer, starting your own law firm is an achievement like no other. Arguably, it is an achievement that most lawyers strive for and aim to accomplish in their career. We are all aware that the world is drastically changing – technology is altering the business landscape and everything we know in it. Opening your own law firm is no easy feat, especially if you choose to resist change and stay put in a somewhat stagnant industry (when it comes to technology). At Firmhacker, we hear you loud and clear! We know the questions you are asking when it comes to your law firm, for example “How much does it cost to start a law firm?” and “How to get clients”. We wish we could give you a super simple answer to this but Firmhacker is all about thinking differently and finding different, unique ways to better efficiency in your day-to-day life. We have chosen our top 3 thought bubbles; these are thoughts that you need to carefully think about when starting your own law firm. Enjoy:

Thought Bubble 1: Technology in the 21st Century Law Firm

You think you have heard this all before – the world is trying to push you into changing all your old school law firm ways. Firmhacker is here to tell you that scanning and filing every piece of paper is not only ruining our environment (Sorry, it had to be said), but it is inefficient. Billing, scheduling, filing, law firm management and even practice management – can all be done online and through Apps. Good news is that it is simple and easy! Don’t believe us? Derek Burch from Burch, George & Germany in Oklahoma City commented that “Firmhacker told us about the practice management platforms that I had never heard of – and they are incredible.” You are welcome, lawyer friends. We will be teaching each and everyone of you how to utilize technology in your law firm to its fullest extent at our Firmhacker Events.

Thought Bubble 2: Money, Money, Money 

A wise man once said: “There is unlimited budget for tools that work” (Thank you for the quote, Ben Randolph!). “Getting Paid” is a debated topic – and one that we don’t necessarily touch on enough. You have definitely heard every side to this argument; don’t worry about the money, worry about building rapport with clients first and then worry about getting paid. Or the other side, if you start becoming lenient with getting paid, you are making it difficult for the rest of the legal community to hold clients to their payments. When starting your law firm, whether it be straight out of college or if you are a seasoned lawyer ready to go out on your own, it will always help to work with your client. At Firmhacker, our “Getting Paid” presentation includes processes and applications to assist in collecting bills. Purchase your tickets now!

Thought Bubble 3: Getting Clients

Isn’t this the biggest worry of them all when going out on your own? How to get clients and keep them? The legal industry is competitive – let’s be honest about it. What sets you apart? What makes a consumer look at your website and want to hire you as their lawyer? This may seem trivial but have you kept your website up to date and looking schmick? Have you honestly tried to utilize law firm marketing and SEO? Do you regularly follow up with your clients or make paying bills easy for them? Happy clients don’t just fall into your lap. Happy clients begin and end with you. Firmhacker has the tools to begin and continue this process – find out for yourself! Purchase your tickets now! 

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