Firmhacker Oklahoma City


Firmhacker Oklahoma City

If you didn’t make it to our premier Firmhacker CLE event on April 28th, at the Renaissance Waterford, you missed out. You missed out on a whopping 9 informative presentations by expert speakers such as entrepreneur, Bryan Clifton and legal industry expert, Jared Harrison. Everything was covered; from learning about technology for lawyers to getting paid, Firmhacker Oklahoma City touched on everything a lawyer needs to know. A definite highlight for all lawyers was the session ‘A View from the Bench. Technology in the 21st Century Courtroom’, presented by Judge Thad Balkman. Talk about a different spin on a CLE event!

To say the least, it got the legal community in Oklahoma talking:

“Our members have been asking for this type of CLE content. No other CLE has ever had the look and feel of this.” C. Martin – OAJ Executive Director

“Entertaining, educational, and high tech. I have already downloaded several apps from today’s Top 30 Apps in 30 Minutes.” S.L Parrish – Attorney

“You guys told us about the practice management platforms that I had never heard of – and they are incredible.” D. Burch – Attorney

Firmhacker is designed for anyone who has been in the same boat and is looking to get out of it. It’s for the lawyer who’s on the verge of quitting; the lawyer who is frustrated every billing cycle; or the attorney who is overwhelmed and disappointed in the time they are spending with family and friends. Firmhacker is here to help and begin a revolution.

Next stop for Firmhacker? DALLAS, TEXAS! If you want to be apart of the Firmhacker community and begin a legal lifestyle revolution, attend our Dallas event on June 2nd at the Tower Club from 8.30am. Reservations are essential – purchase here NOW.

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